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We are the synergy between event sponsors, event producers and the event sponsorship Agency.

Travex is a industry leader in event sponsorship management. We understand how to coordinate and manage the perfect fit for a sponsor with an event. If your brand has sponsored an event before you already understand the importance of the right synergy between sponsor and event in order to achieve a measurable impact that resonates with the audience. Sponsoring an event requires a great management team that knows the ins and outs of event sponsorship. Travex has decades of experience in many of events helping events create the programs and opportunities sponsors are looking for through sponsoring an event.

Our event sponsorship management team is competent and passionate. We specialize in developing programs for your event that deliver the margins that make sense with the high value a prospective event sponsor requires. We’ll provide everything your event needs from prospectus, documents, campaigns and reporting to attract and retain event sponsors that are the best match for your event.