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The King of Thali - RAJDHANI.

Social Media Management

Engaging with the audience through innovative creatives ideas for Rajdhani. We are using Social Media Management to spread awareness for Rajdhani to all food lovers to come and visit their outlet.

Digital Marketing

With the use of Digital Marketing Campaigns through Social Media, we were able to spread awareness about Rajdhani's outlets. We had used the objective of promoting their location in the UAE. Our campaigns resulted in a large audience of food lovers visiting them which resulted in high sales also.

Content Creation

Creating unique and innovative creatives for Social Media or websites is our specialty is the key to success for the brands. And we help them to achieve success in targeting the audience and engaging them to buy our products.

Media & PR

TRX stands of fashionable design & form factor in every day carry items. Our product are carefully design to have excellent usability & panache!